April 1, 2015

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The Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

For book lovers worldwide, there is nothing more desirable than a big (or small) bookstore with shelves upon shelves of all sorts of books. No e-reader can ever replace the smell of a bookstore and the feeling of holding a new (or used) book in your hand.
Even though most of us book afficionados have embraced online shopping as a means to buy our must-have books, we still appreciate a well designed bookstore or library and can spend hours getting lost in them!
Here are some of the world’s most beautiful bookstores, as compiled by Flavorwire.

Selexyz Bookstore, a church converted to a bookstore, in Maastricht, Holland

Plural Bookshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, California

The American Book Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shakespeare & Company in Paris, France

Livraria da Vila in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ler Devagar in Lisbon, Portugal

Corso Como Bookshop in Milan, Italy

Cook & Book in Brussels, Belgium

Bookabar Bookshop in Rome, Italy

Barts Books, the biggest outdoor bookstore in the world, in Ojai, California

source: khaleejesque

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